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Maple & Musicians? No. Maple & Mimes? Sure.

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" I would like people who need a job and understand that the week is 7 days long."

So said Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor yesterday in a Facebook post searching for new applicants. And fair enough.

Unfortunately, he also added this: "Aspiring actors, musicians and future hip-hop stars need not apply." After some Perkins-brand backtalk in the comments and a bit of a row -- honestly, we expected worse -- he clarified that it was not a slam and agreed with another commenter that it was all about availability, adding, "I love musicians. I am over scheduling around gigs."

He did, however, say (when solicited) that mimes are at the top of the list. Guess that means some lucky Marceau can finally stop cooking on an invisible griddle?

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[Photo: Mike G./Yelp]