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Lucky Black-Eyed Tamales; Blowing Up New Year's Eve

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LAKE HIGHLANDS -- As Kim Pierce reminds us, it's time for lucky black-eyed peas. And since we didn't get any tamales this holiday, seems like Eat the World's combo of black-eyed pea tamales could be our superstitious salvation. Tamales, Texas caviar and quarts of peas will be available as a pick-up situation starting tomorrow as well as on New Year's Day. [Eats Blog]

HIPSTERWIRE -- Self-described Austin girl Rania Batrice hates -- hated? -- Dallas. Fortunately, she's decided to tell us about the "latest hipster spots" (which are by no means "latest"), aka the parts of our city that don't entirely suck. [Pegasus News]

BOOMWIRE -- Alice Laussade tells everyone how to blow up a gingerbread house in honor of Baby New Year. The list of necessary supplies ("other sprinkles and decorative shit") and instructions are the best part. [City of Ate]

Company Cafe, one of the "latest hipster spots." [Photo: marcus t./yelp]

Company Cafe

2217 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 214-827-2233

Eat the World

8530 Abrams Rd #600, Dallas, TX 75243