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Cheese Lust And Linguine Love With Scott Reitz

Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz lovingly recounted what it's like to watch Parm "pop" over on City of Ate yesterday.

When Reitz witnessed Rich Rogers of Scardello Artisan Cheese score and wedge a just-arrived wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano, we suspect a single tear fell from one of his cheese-drunk eyes. His heart beat double-time. Parts of him may have even become engorged.

But the quite informative (yes, we'll admit it), if not nearly romantic, description of the traditional process wasn't even the most "involved" part of Reitz's post. That came with the cooking lesson.

Reitz decided he'd be the most generous Scott he could be and tell the world how to really, really prepare pasta (he likes linguini) with olive oil, black pepper and that glorious king of cheeses. Rather, he instructed how to boil, grind and grate.

So do this soon. Get your ass to Scardello and pick up a pound of delicious fresh parm. Run home as fast as you can and put a large pot of salty water on the stove to boil. Toss in a half pound or so of your favorite pasta (I like linguini) and give it a stir. Into a large skillet put a 1/4 cup of good olive oil (or more, it's your dinner) and bring it to temperature over low heat. Add coarse and freshly ground black pepper. Mind your flame. Not too hot. You want to smell fruity olive oil and brash black pepper but you don't want to cook either of them.
And the instruction continues for two more paragraphs. That's three paragraphs on how to make simple pasta -- without knives or even additional bowls. With as many ingredients as one can count on a six-fingered man's hand (if you count water).

But, wait a second! Six ingredients? This can't be. Based on his refrigerator and how Reitz talks about not cooking, what of his pantry? No matter. It's about the cheese (factor).

He closed with a warning to those in his surrounds and beyond, we assume before he cradled dish to chest: "Try not to weep. This is the best sort of eating."

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