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Laurent Gras Might Be Coming To Dallas (Updated!)

Danielle "Dallas_Foodie" Glick wasn't far off the mark with her post this weekend about an anonymous chef-of-note looking at the old Borders space in the West Village as a site for his or her new restaurant, to open in June 2012. Well, his, actually: we guessed she was talking about Laurent Gras (a non-American whose first restaurant, L20 in Chicago, earned three Michelin stars and a James Beard nomination), and lo, we were right.

West Village development manager Robert Bagwell confirmed with us this afternoon that they've had "an initial conversation" with Gras, but "are far from a deal or lease." Let's all Twitterstalk Gras to see what happens, oui?

Update: Lies! It's all lies! Well, sort of: some chef named Laurent did talk to the West Village, but it wasn't Laurent Gras.

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Laurent Gras at Coffee Shop in New York. [Photo: Gabe Ulla/Eater]

Non-Existent Laurent Gras Restaurant

3600 Mckinney Ave. Dallas, TX