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Meso Maya's Doing Damage Control On D Review

Remember that time D mag food critic Nancy Nichols reviewed new North Dallas Mexican place Meso Maya, and by "reviewed," we mean dragged it out the front door, slammed it up against the wall, spat in its face, called it a wussypants, and kicked it in the kidneys before talking shit about its mom? We're just saying, when someone says your flan isn't as good as prison food, it is time to do some damage control. Which Meso Maya is doing, according to a post that owner Mike Karns wrote (he's also the CEO of El Fenix) on the restaurant's Facebook page over the weekend. It reads in part:

We love to hear feedback in any of our restaurants. It's our opportunity to improve so that we may better serve you. We leave comment cards at every table, reviewing each completed card after every shift. Since we opened, the feedback been overwhelmingly positive.

Some of you may have seen a recent review on Meso Maya in D magazine. The review, written by Nancy Nichols, is far different from, in fact contrary to any other restaurant review or any other feedback we have received to date.

Nancy Nichols is the only person in town who does not like Meso Maya, according to Meso Maya. For what it's worth, Leslie Brenner over at the DMN gave the restaurant three stars.

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[Photo: Meso Maya/Facebook]

Meso Maya

11909 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230 469 726 4390

Meso Maya

11909 Preston Road, Suite 1426 Dallas, TX 75230