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Byres To Chef At Chicken Scratch

jacksyard150.jpgThe new joint(s) from Christophers Jeffers and Zielke (Bolsa, Smoke) will be called Chicken Scratch and The Foundry, reports Mike Hiller over at Escape Hatch Dallas. We told you a few of the details back in October, but now, the chicken's out of the coop. Chicken Scratch will be cheffed by Smoke's Tim Byres, who tells Hiller the menu at the family friendly joint will be "from scratch and hormone-free." But bigger news? The accompanying bar, The Foundry, will feature "no mixology." We just had a damned heart attack. [Escape Hatch Dallas]

Chicken Scratch

2303 Pittman Street, Dallas, TX 75208 214-749-1112