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A New Day Dawns On Benighted Lowest Greenville

The Cyclically Crappy Neighborhood Fairy loves to stop in Dallas on a whim, and her latest wave-of-the-wand sprinkled her stupid fairy dust on Lowest Greenville, a once buzzing go-to location for live music, diverse food and drink and general silliness that became increasingly dangerous, drunky and depressing over the last few years.

But things are now on the upswing, thanks to a public improvement project that spruced up one of the least car- and pedestrian-friendly thoroughfares in town and (though some would certainly dispute this) monitoring of so-called "bad bars" that some in the area believed encouraged drinking to excess and not much else.

This weekend, though, a new day dawns on Lowest Greenville! An actual new day: Saturday, when business owners from the Single Wide, Good Records, the Old Crow and more have planned the "Brand Spankin' New Greenville Block Party" after long and weary time of dealing with construction woes. And just in time, here's a fine example of the new business direction on the street: The Matador, which was shut down earlier this year when it tried to open as a straight-up bar--an example of that monitoring we mentioned earlier--has re-opened as Matador Tapas, with an honest-to-goodness chef and everything.

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[Photo: Matador Tapas/Facebook]

Matador Tapas

1906 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75206