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Top Chefs Go Shopping At Preston/Royal Whole Foods

We don't have much to go on except a couple of tweets, but it looks like Top Chef was filming Sunday evening at the Whole Foods way up north at Preston Road and Royal Lane. Twitter user @GrouchyChef saw them in action, though at an unspecified location. Same problem with this from @sunsetsred, who Tweeted: "Top Chef is filming right now at a friend's job; I'm laughing my ass off at her texts."

Along about that time, Eater National got this tip: "Was just at the Whole Foods at Preston and Royal in Dallas. Saw all the chefs running around like crazy but sorry I don't know any of the names of the chefs. The only one that stuck out in my mind was a mid 30's woman with dark hair and a lot of tattoos. My wife trying to take a picture but the film crew made her erase it. It was really bizarre because the chefs can't talk to anyone."

Mid-30's woman with dark hair and a lot of tattoos, eh? You know, we heard black-haired, tatted-up Chef Roseanne "Ro" DiLeo left La Grange suddenly last month to work at some place in Rockwall, and we haven't seen her around Deep Ellum lately ....

Whole Foods

11700 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX