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This Is What 25 Years Of Tasting Dallas Looks Like

Missed Taste of Dallas this weekend? Super bummed you didn't hang out in the sweltering concrete jungle that is Fair Park just so you could sample delicious treats from ... Colorado-based Qdoba? Fret not, friend, for we have the goods on how the 25th annual food fest went down.

TACOS - The Blue Goose and Torchy's were among the picks for City of Ate's five best taco photos from ToD, but Cowboy Chow's look to be the meatiest by far. [City of Ate]

THAI - The proprietor of Bangkok Thai Cuisine tells the DMN she's just out to make a dollar while folks line up for her barbeque pork kebabs. [DMN]

HEALTH FOOD - Because everyone goes to a massive food festival to drop pounds, weight loss chef-specialist Charles Michael demonstrated healthy cooking for the crowd. [NBC DFW]

INEDIBLES - If food porn isn't your thing, here's Pegasus News with a slideshow of a bunch of dudes wearing goofy glasses and some pretty gals in sundresses. [Pegasus News]

Fair Park

1200 S 2nd Ave, Dallas, TX