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Good Friends Drink Old Beer; Wild Salsa Opens in the Merc

FORT WORTH -- Revolver Taco Lounge has just soft-opened on West 7th Street, where patrons can watch sidewalk traffic and chefs, simultaneously. [Pegasus News]

DOWNTOWN -- The first floor of the Mercantile Building now belongs to Wild Salsa, serving Mexico City-style cuisine for dinner now and lunch starting July 25. [DMN]

EAST DALLAS -- Good friends of the soon-to-open Goodfriends neighborhood bar got a peek at the new space and a taste of a 200-year-old Franconia. [City of Ate]

Wild Salsa

1800 Main Street, , TX 75201 (214) 741-9453 Visit Website

Revolver Taco Lounge

2822 W. 7th Street, Fort Worth, TX