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7-11 Sluper Sorry They Ran Out Of Free Slurpees

If you didn't get to your local 7-Eleven early Monday for Free Slurpee Day, chances are you joined a very non-exclusive and pretty angry club: people who didn't get a free Slurpee because stores ran out of the icy treat. 7-Eleven, which is based here in our very own Arts District, has apologized profusely through Twitter and also through their pr flaks. A company rep told City of Ate that "A lot of people were also going after work, taking their kids, and by then all the cups were gone or there were problems with the machines."

On Twitter, the convenience store chain has been encouraging folks to call a customer service number with complaints--get a pen: 1-800-255-0711--and directing irate non-Slurpers to a website that doesn't and hasn't worked for hours. We say give 7-Eleven a break. It's not like 7-Eleven is in the distributing-large-quantities-of-sugary-beverages business, right y'all? Oh, wait.

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