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Fire-Damaged Greenville Complex Reopens; Sugar Daddies

LOWER GREENVILLE -- Rohst, a "semi-Asian" restaurant opened today in the Terrilli's strip damaged in a serious fire in March 2010. It's pronounced "roast," and they're also serving burgers. [Pegasus News]

UPTOWN -- Strapped for cash? A sugar daddy dating site says the Rattlesnake Bar inside the Ritz-Carlton is the best place to pick up a benefactor-with-benefits. [NBC DFW]

RICHARDSON -- Newly opened Taco Ocho imported its lights from London and murals from Mexico City, which The Feast says makes it better than your average fast-casual taco joint. [The Feast]

[Photo: Flickr user benrjordan]


2817 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 214 823 8730 Visit Website


2817 Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas