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What's Scott Reitz Been Up To This Week?

We spy, with our little eyes: Fuel City?
We spy, with our little eyes: Fuel City?

Eater picked up this week's Dallas Observer excited to read the first column from their brand new food critic, Scott Reitz, but Eater came away disappointed. Reitz has yet to introduce himself to Observer readers, so Eater was forced to Twitterstalk Reitz instead. Turns out, Reitz has been really busy this week after moving into his Oak Lawn apartment. The D.C. native stopped by Eatzi's ("Bliss," he Tweets. We presume he hasn't witnessed the supreme clustercuss that is Eatzi's at noon on a Wednesday) and has been digging into local Tex-Mex cuisine and burgers.

"Sweet bovinity this looks good," wrote Reitz of his Neighborhood Services burger--we can just barely catch a glimpse of the restaurant's logo on his ticket, there. But we're wondering: is this "killer pastor" from Fuel City? If so, Reitz is about to get it but good from local taco purists who no doubt have a few things to teach him about how Fuel City is totally overrated and why didn't he just go to El Si Hay?

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Fuel City

2175 S Town E Blvd, , TX 75149 (214) 301-0740 Visit Website

Fuel City

801 South Riverfront Boulevard, Dallas, TX