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Dallas Gourmet Burgermeisters Test In-N-Out, Whataburger

Photo: Flickr user Lee Stranahan

It's either the Angry Dog, Maple & Motor or The Grape when it comes to great burgers in Dallas, but instead of having the burgermeisters at each of those highly vetted establishments go up against each other in a burger-to-burger-to-burger competition, the Dallas Observer asked them to weigh in on a recently relevant debate: are In-N-Out burgers better than Texas-bred Whataburgers?

North Texans only started to give a flying patty about this kind of thing a couple months ago, when the first In-N-Out landed in Frisco in May, drawing actual tears from patrons. So why not get three actual chefs to eat some greasy fast food and settle it once and for all? Well, probably because asking three actual chefs to eat fast food is mainly going to result in a lot of quotes like this, from the Angry Dog's Todd Dickerson:

Dickerson's first ever bite into an In-N-Out burger elicited a "Who pooped?" face, but his verbal response was much nicer: "It's not ... terrible."

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