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What Can This Photo Of New Observer Food Critic Scott Reitz's Apartment Tell Us About Scott Reitz?

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We know Maryland native Scott Reitz is the new Dallas Observer food critic, but is he also a hipster dreamboat? Signs point to: yes. We've been following his Twitter account since Reitz has been in Dallas for, oh, ten days now, and has yet to make a peep in the pages of the paper or on the City of Ate blog. Over the weekend, Reitz tweeted this photo of what we presume is his new apartment, and oh-our-stars, what a vinyl collection!

We spy with our little eyes: more hardback books than you can shake a you-probably-haven't-even-heard-of-this-stick at, a Moleskin notebook and a copy of New York chef David Chang's Momofuku cookbook. Wonder if Reitz wants to play us that Cannonball Aderley record while we discuss Slash's autobiography over some ginger scallion noodles?

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