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Dallas Chef Inspires Ramsay To Spit On Hell's Kitchen

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An Oak Lawn chef competing on this season of Hell's Kitchen had her first dish spat out by notorious jerk-onomically inclined chef Gordon Ramsay when the he found out Carrie Keep put sugar in the mashed potatoes, reports Keep's a pantry chef at Nosh Euro Bistro, though she says she specializes in comfort food. But Ramsay was not comforted by her chicken-fried rib-eye with Yukon mashed potatoes and white truffle cream gravy. Lucky for Keep, neither was she intimidated:

"I expected him to give me some grief," Keep says. "Because, come on: I'm pretty, I'm thin, I'm not your typical chef. I come up all bubbly and smiley. So, of course, he's going to try to bring me down a notch."
The ninth season of Hell's Kitchen premieres tonight on Fox at 7 p.m., and viewers will get their first look at Keep as the chef blowing a kiss in the opening credits. After that, Keep told no one would be able to resist her: "Viewers will be rooting for me," she declares, "because everybody will love Carrie."

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Chef Carrie Keep [Photo: FOX]

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