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Further Evidence That Scott Reitz Is A Hipster Dreamboat

Eater's suspicions that new Observer food critic Scott Reitz is a hipster dreamboat have been confirmed, as Reitz revealed today that he does not own a television. The first two lines of his recent review of Tei-An Soba House's live sea urchin sushi say it all: "I haven't subscribed to cable in more than seven years. And I haven't owned a TV for about half that time." Then, something-something raw seafood.

We first suspected Reitz of hipster dreamboatitude earlier this week when we found out that Reitz digs Cannonball Adderley on vinyl, writes in a Moleskin and owns Slash, the autobiography of Slash, thanks to a telling Twitpic from the interior of his apartment. Maybe next time Reitz will review some pizza and casually mention he once saw Liars before they were big.

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View from the Tei-An roof. [Photo: Tei-An Official Facebook Page]


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