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Posh Nosh Euro-Style Deli To Open In Downtown Plano

Plano's not all sprawl and McMansions, thanks to a charming little vintage downtown that's about to get its first-ever Euro-style deli and market called the Posh Nosh Market. Pegasus News reports that Posh Nosh comes to the Dallas 'burbs from the designer of LA's Onyx Lounge, Tyler Duncan, who describes the bistro as an "Eatzi's type concept." Think quick-gourmet hit-and-run meals, plus wine and beer and a hot grill.

A key ingredient will be the early hours at Posh Nosh, since the neighborhood has very little that opens before mid-morning. While on-site dining will be available in a few limited seats and a small patio, Duncan told Pegasus he anticipates most folks will stop in for a bite on the go. Maybe they'll stay long enough to appreciate the building's history, at least: built in 1923, it's also housed a hardware store and a saloon.

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Plano's 15th Street [Photo: Visit Downtown Plano]

Posh Nosh Market

1032 East 15th Street, Plano, TX