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Pyles Pastry Chef Competes On 'Just Desserts'

Lina Biancamano's in there somewhere.
Lina Biancamano's in there somewhere.
Photo: Bravo

If you like your cooking competition reality shows with a spoonful of sugar to help the drama go down, you'll be pleased to know that the new season of Top Chef: Just Desserts has announced its premiere for August 24. And if you like your shows with a local chef for whom to root, it gets even better: Lina Biancamano, a pastry chef at Stephan Pyles, is the sole contestant from North Texas on the show. Biancamano's from Phoenix, lives in Fort Worth, but whips up deliciousness downtown at Pyles' place. And oh lookie, she's on Facebook.

Houston is soundly represented on the show, with Just Desserts featuring three city chefs and one gal from Katy who currently works in Chicago. That might explain all that Top Chef Texas snubbage of our southern neighbor, except whoops--a tipster's told us they're actually going to be shooting in Houston soon. Which means: no shortage of Lone Star State-age on Bravo this fall. Gail Simmons, if you want to come have a sleepover at Eater Dallas' house, all you gotta do is ask.

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