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Scott Reitz Liked Margaritas Before They Were Big

New Observer food critic and certified hipster dreamboat Scott Reitz writes of margaritas today on City of Ate, presumably from some dive bar you've never heard of while listening to a band you wouldn't know, sweating through his pearl snap because he will be damned if he's going to drink a frozen margarita. After all, weren't margaritas so much better back before they got big? Back when they were just tequila, orange liqueur and lemon or lime juice? Back before Dallas got ahold of them and, pens Reitz in his virtual Moleskine, "fucked up margaritas forever"?

"Mariano Martinez birthed the margarita machine here, 40 years ago, after a frightening opening night nearly handed him his ass. Turns out his bartenders couldn't figure out how to make a three-ingredient drink consistently."
Way to fuck up margaritas, Mariano! You're like Kenny Chesney and margaritas on the rocks are like Johnny Cash circa 1961. This Sunday's National Tequila Day, and Reitz suggests celebrating at Cedars Social.

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Bet Martinez thinks Wilco is super indie, too. [Photo: Natl. Museum of American History]

Cedars Social

1326 S Lamar Street, Dallas, TX 75215 214 928 7700

Cedars Social

1326 S. Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215