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City Of Aters Cook Up Car Bacon, Car Cookies

"Concerned for my safety and the future of my colon." That's how City of Ate blogger Nick Rallo told Eater Dallas he's feeling after eating bacon and cookies baked on the dash of a car yesterday as a stunt--arguably a stunt much more dangerous than, say, planking. Around 1 p.m., Rallo and the gang set up some Toll house Chocolate Chip cookies and Corn King bacon on metal sheets, then let the sun do its worst. Writes Rallo:

Crazy thing? After a few hours in the car, the bacon was actually crisp in some places. The cookies were a pretty mushy, but hell, not the worst things we've ever tasted. Definitely better than those ones at the grocery story with the circle of hard frosting on top.
The next time someone asks, "Hot enough for ya?" you can tell them: no, but it is hot enough to eat meat cooked inside a vehicle and live to tell the tale. Seems 25 straight days of 100+ degree weather really has gone to the heads of local bloggers and restaurateurs alike.

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Cookies and bacon, mid-day. [Photo: City of Ate]