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Cane Rosso Raises Meme Stakes With Planks, Owls

Planking, Owling in Deep Ellum
Planking, Owling in Deep Ellum
Photo: Cane Rosso on Twitter

Eater Dallas is sorry. If Eater Dallas had known that posting a photo of Bolsa patrons and employees planking on the bar was apparently going to inspire other local restaurateurs to best them with juvenile internet posing memes, Eater Dallas would never have posted that Bolsa photo in the first place. Eater Dallas fears it has created a monster, and has no choice but to commit to this now. Last night Jay Jerrier at Il Cane Rosso twit-pic'd us a couple of Cane Rosso-ites planking and owling the upscale Deep Ellum pizza joint. For those of you playing along at home, owling is the new planking.

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Cane Rosso

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Il Cane Rosso

2612 Commerce St, Dallas, TX