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Scott Reitz Lets Hipster Dreamboat Radar Guide Him

Snow day at the Windmill.
Snow day at the Windmill.
Photo: Windmill Lounge on Facebook

It was only a matter of time before new Observer critic Scott Reitz's hipster dreamboat radar led him to Dallas' dive bar to end all dive bars--with due respect to Ships Lounge and R.I.P. Winedale while we're at it--indeed, straight to the Windmill Lounge, over on Maple Avenue. On City of Ate, Reitz surmises that this is the kind of place where it doesn't hurt you none to have a real good epithet:

It was my first time. I saw Brooklyn lager on tap and I thought it was a marketing shtick. The Yanks were on the tube while the Beastie Boys spun on the jukebox. But a customer, Diamond Jim, defense lawyer by day and burlesque producer by night, was responsible for the play. They made some pretty good music when he was younger, Diamond Jim proclaimed. I mentioned that they still did.
Musical acts also making an appearance in Reitz's piece include James Brown, Al Green, plus "Cash" and "Ella," because if you have to say "Johnny" or "Fitzgerald," well, what kind of hipster dreamboat are you, anyway?

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Windmill Lounge

5320 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX