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Foodbitch Disappears From D Mag

Anonymous food blogger "foodbitch" was both hired and fired by D Magazine's SideDish blog last week in a whirlwind of publisher anger over her edgy name. Excited about the opportunity to blog for a banner name publication in town, foodbitch told family, friends and faithful blog followers of her latest gig contributing to SideDish, only to see the SideDish post announcing her arrival disappear in less than 24 hours.

What happened? D publisher Wick Allison was on vacation when foodbitch took her new gig, and the proudly conservative media mogul didn't take kindly to the new contributor's moniker once he got back to the office. Which didn't stop D's food editor, who hired foodbitch, from dropping the c-word in her official statement about the foodb-word.

D's Nancy Nichols told the Dallas Observer's City Of Ate:

"Wick is our editor in chief. He did not like the name foodbitch. He preferred foodcunt, but I didn't approve of that. So we flipped a coin and let her go."
Yesterday, City Of Ate screen-capped the original post for good measure and has taken in foodbitch in her time of blog-contribution need. But she's still sensitive from the sudden SideDish slight: today, foodbitch tweets, "Just checking to make sure the post is still there, one day later."

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