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All Tacos All Day Long at La Grange in Deep Ellum

La Grange, the Elm Street rock venue known for its booking and its brunch, opened an all-day taco bar this week, and we stopped by for a look-see and some cantaloupe agua fresca. The breakfast tacos easily won the morning, with both turkey and pork chorizo options for choosy chorizers (sorry) as well as the usual suspects: bacon, beans, eggs and cheese. At just two bucks apiece, they're big'uns, too. Anyone suffering from anything but the most wicked of hangovers would be satisfied with a single order.

If agua fresca is a little too--how you say?--non-alcoholic for you, there's no shame in getting the taco bartender to pour you up a Bloody Mary or pass you a cold beer while the sun shines. That's just how Deep Ellumites roll all day long.

Sadly, La Grange's regular tacos are smaller and less spectacular than their beefy breakfast cousins. We went for the chicken, which was packed with lettuce, tomato and juicy grilled veggies into a corn tortilla so full that it split halfway through and we had to grab a fork. The chicken was dry and a little bland, but with drizzles of tangy tomatillo and roasted tomato salsa, things turned out just fine. Also on offer: poblano and brisket tacos, along with a salad selection.

Tacos go from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., though breakfast tacos end at noon or whenever they run out of flour tortillas. Many of their regular tacos can be made vegan.

La Grange

, , Pays de la Loire 44330

La Grange

2704 Elm St, Dallas, TX