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Why Trader Joe's Should Open In Deep Ellum

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We have heard that Trader Joe's is coming to Dallas, we just don't know when or where. City of Ate seems to think the hippie-friendly grocer will end up in North Dallas. This, of course, would be a heartbreaking blow to the actual hippies of Dallas, who wouldn't be caught dead within a vegan cupcake's throw of that Range Rover-laden land. Which is why we think Joe (or whoever) should set up shop in Deep Ellum.

Hear us out: Deep Ellum is full of loft-dwelling hipsters who either have to cross the highway to hit up the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market (and really guys, hipsters at Wal-Mart? Be still our jorts!) and the meat-marketed, price-gouged Albertson's in Uptown, or gamble that fresh garlic is available this week at the Aldi in East Dallas. There's not a good grocery option for miles, and certainly not a walkable one, if you're an Ellumite. But what Deep Ellum does have is tons of open retail space, plus a DART stop for those public-transpo-takers who need their Two Buck Chuck.

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