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Tom Colicchio spotted at RedFork Tavern on Wednesday night

At RedFork Tavern, someone spotted Tom Colicchio on Wednesday night. Wednesday night, a person who was at RedFork Tavern saw Tom Colicchio. RedFork Tavern, on Wednesday night, was where Tom Colicchio was seen.

Sorry, that's all the information Pegasus News has about spotting the Top Chef host at chef Jeff Harris' new Henderson Avenue restaurant, but that shouldn't stop everyone from speculating wildly about what we hope, really hope, really really hope is a season of Top Chef Texas. Of course, Colicchio's doing a special event at Craft Dallas tonight, so maybe he's just slumming around town. Still, the sighting does confirm part of what we heard from the rumor mill: the show is filming in Dallas this week and will continue on to Austin next. Last week, a San Antonio foodie spotted the judging gang at a San Antonio restaurant (and was given the what-fer for tweeting about it), and a Whole Foods employee has said they already filmed the Restaurant Wars episode there.

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RedFork Tavern

2537 N. Fitzhugh Avenue, Dallas, TX