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See Some Nice Melons At Urban Acres This Weekend

Urban Acres, the Oak Cliff organic market and hottest food co-op game in the 75208, righteously blog-brags this week about distributing 100 percent local produce to their members during their Saturday drop tomorrow. Before delving into some melon and tomato Hipstamatic food porn, the owners write:

"We've been able to support several local, organic Texas farmers who have been struggling this year due to the extremely hot weather and lack of rain. So, we wanted to extend our thanks to you--you might not realize how much your decision to be a part of the co-op style produce directly affects these farming families, but it does!"
If you're not a co-op member, you can still help UA support local farmers by stopping at the West Davis Street storefront before close of business today and picking up Texas tomatoes at just $3/lb and local blueberries at $2/clamshell.

· 100% Local Produce This Weekend [Urban Acres]

Urban Acres

1301B West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208