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DFW's Professional And Amateur Chefs "Under Fire"

Regional competitors for the Texas-wide Chefs Under Fire competition were released today, and the Dallas-Fort Worth edition features chefs both professional and amateur. Winners from three regional live-cooking competitions in Dallas, Austin and Houston culminate in a tops-in-Texas competition in Austin this October.

On August 21, Kevin Martinez of Fort Worth's Tokyo Cafe, Tarrant County College culinary arts student Thuy Nguyen, Reata executive chef Juan Rodriguez and Scot Loranc, an instructor at the Central Market Austin culinary school will compete live at the Milestone Culinary Arts Center in Uptown. (Why's an Austin guy competing in Dallas? Because chefs can enter to compete in any region to increase their chances of participating.) Celebrity and chef judges include Tim Byres of Smoke, Katie Natale of the Four Seasons Las Colinas, Milestone's Sharon Van Meter and Gene and Julie Gates of the eponymous morning show.

The competition itself is Iron Chef-esque, per a press release from sponsor Keeper Collection: "Chef Contestants will be challenged to impress the Judges Panel with a complete dish preparation using a set of secret ingredients (to be announced live at each Regional), and under the pressure of a time restriction, sharing the kitchen with fellow contestants, and up to 150 food-loving onlookers." The winner gets a night at the W Hotel Austin and breakfast at TRACE.

· Chefs Under Fire [Official]

The TRACE dining room. [Photo: TRACE Official]

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