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Tipster Sees Folks "Emptying Out" Trece on Sunday (Updated!)

Trece's empty patio Sunday night.
Trece's empty patio Sunday night.

A reader sends a tip and a photo after cruising by popular upscale Mexican joint Trece on Knox on Sunday and says ze "noticed people emptying out" the place. Our tipster says the kitchen and tequila lounge known for its free Monday night dinners looked more like it was undergoing a full-on closing than, say, a renovation. Eater Dallas has called, e-mailed and messaged the Trece brass, but no information is forthcoming yet. The restaurant hasn't posted to their Facebook or Twitter accounts for over a month, though SideDish reported that Trece owner Robert Columbo bought Primo's on McKinney Ave. back in June. They also apparently had this ridiculous party scheduled for Saturday night. Anybody go?

We'll let you know what we know when we know something. If we know something. Of if you know something, well, you know where to find us.

UPDATE: After Eater Dallas posted our item this morning, Pegasus News got Columbo on the phone with bad-ish and good-ish news: he says the Trece air conditioner was breathing its last, and since the restaurant's building is due to be demolished in the fall, they decided to close for August and re-evaluate afterward. Trece may re-open briefly for a couple of months, but it's up in the air for now. (YSWWDT?)

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Trece Mexican Kitchen And Tequila Lounge

4513 Travis Street, Dallas, TX