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Boozin', Food Truckin' On A Hot Summer Night

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Just got word that the Sigel's location up on Greenville Avenue just north of Lovers Lane is looking to install a food truck park, tentatively dated to the evening of August 27. Says Jasper Russo, their wine marketing guru: "The idea is to have as many food trucks as possible so people can come by and check out the state of the Dallas food truck scene." They're aiming to hold a craft beer and wine tasting (most likely Sam Adams, says Russo) inside the store at the same time to draw in more customers. Russo says if it's successful, they'll definitely make it a regular event, potentially for SMU home football games.

So far, they've confirmed Ruthie's Rolling Café, Jack's ChowHound, Gandolfo's, Nammi and Bomb Fried Pies. But that's not nearly close to reflecting "the state of the Dallas food truck scene." So, food truckers, you interested? Russo's @sigelswinebuyer on Twitter.

UPDATE: Russo says the official name of the event will be the Gourmet Food Truck Festival, and they've just confirmed CrazySisters pending their permit obtainment.

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Nammi Truck. [Photo: Nammi Truck Official]


5757 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX