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Week In Reviews: Jonathon's, Rick's, Bonnell's

Here's what's what in Dallas-Fort Worth food reviews this week.

DALLAS OBSERVER -- Critic Scott Reitz takes a long, contemplative look at Jonathon's in Oak Cliff, the gastronomical brainchild of former Bread Winners manager and line cook Jonathon Erdeljac. The restaurant is still undergoing "growing pains," Reitz writes, featuring a forgettable burger but also a top-notch pork chop and well-curated beer selection. He also joined the "young and hungover (hi, chef)" (hi, hipster dreamboat!) for a build-your-own Bloody Mary brunch, pronouncing Jonathon's "urban diner meets country cooking in a gentrified hood."

PEGASUS NEWS -- Katie and Emily Garrett had an exclamatory experience at Rick's Chophouse in McKinney for the Dish On Dallas, republished on Pegasus News. They sampled the lunch menu, including a chicken salad sandwich "served on a croissant with a bacon, lettuce, and Swiss cheese!" They also ordered "bacon and cheese mashers!" and "enjoyed them as a side treat!" Their final verdict: "We enjoyed Rick's and McKinney!"

DALLAS MORNING NEWS -- With Leslie Brenner on vacation, Barbara Rodriguez took over the review reins for a trip out to Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine in Fort Worth. The interior has the "suggestive magic of a minimalist stage set," and the food is similarly situated: "deceptively simple." Rodriguez had the nyala chops, gamey but well paired with a "cognac-perfumed, black-truffle- flecked cream sauce," and also recommends the pork chop, "the biggest dose of Southern comfort."

The Jonathon's teeny kitchen. [Photo: Jonathon's/Facebook]

Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine

4259 Bryant Irvin Road, Fort Worth, TX 76109 817 738 5489


1111 N. Beckley Ave., Dallas, TX