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Today's In-N-Out Freak-Out Less Freaky

The response to the opening of Fort Worth's first In-N-Out burger joint appears to be far more decorous than the full-on freak-out experienced at the first Dallas locations. Rather than going all animal-style on each other, burger seekers have pretty much kept things under control. According to a downright tame live-blog from David Stein at TCU360, a handful of people arrived before dawn, got special wristbands, were brought inside and got served just after 9 a.m. Non-wristbanded "posers" had to wait in line like regular people. You know, as opposed to the fancy people who got their hamburgers at 9 a.m.

UPDATE: Meanwhile at the new Dallas location at Coit Road and 635, "you could hear a French fry drop," according to the Dallas Morning News. We couldn't have said it better than @imccanntx ourselves: "It is now officially time to stop covering In-N-Out Burger openings."

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Beefy decorum. [Photo: David Stein for TCU360]


2900 W. 7th St, Fort Worth, TX