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Comfort Food On Wheels Coming To Comfort Dallas

Over the weekend Eater Dallas noticed we had a new Twitter follower: @comfyfdsonwhels, from Riverside, CA but soon to arrive in Dallas. From their profile description, Comfort Foods On Wheels appears to be very friendly and not a little excitable: "Hello, and thank you for looking!! :) Comfort foods on wheels will be opening up soon in the Dallas Texas area!!! We will send out tweets soon! Thank you!!"

We're stalking their bare-bones website, which lists two menus, one for breakfast and the other "grub," including "Texas-size portions." For breakfast: the usual bacon, eggs and omelets plus Hawaiian bread French toast and red velvet chocolate chip pancakes. For grub: lots of grilled sandwiches, a "papa rellena," and cake push pops for dessert, plus much more.

But when will Comfort Foods on Wheels arrive in Dallas? We've e-mailed them for more details, but their Facebook page says they only ordered their food truck on August 11, and it'll take 10 weeks to deliver. Plus, what, two days' drive?

· Comfort Foods On Wheels [Official]
· Comfort Foods On Wheels [Twitter]

The California Cart Builder is working on the cart right this second. [Photo: Comfort Foods On Wheels/Facebook]