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Michigan Lines Up For Dickey's Barbecue

Michiganders are lining up to eat Dickey's barbecue the way Texans line up to eat In-N-Out burgers, according to this piece from the Troy, MI Patch publication. A couple named Gary and Kim Smith were traveling in Dallas on business, ate at a Dickey's, and saw a barbecue light so bright they opened a franchise in Troy:

They were in Dallas for business, Kim Smith recalled, when went to Dickey's for a meal. "We went back every day we were there and had it again at the airport before we left," she said.
At the restaurant's grand opening, folks lined up around two sides of the building and filled into the parking lot. Eater Dallas wondered what a passionate barbecue aficionado would think about this chain-love, so we asked Daniel "@BBQSnob" Vaughn of Full Custom Gospel BBQ for his take. He writes: "This goes to show that even mediocre Texas BBQ outside of Texas can be a revelation. Imagine if KFC opened on an isolated Pacific island where they've eaten noting but fish and coconuts." To which we say: burn! Or rather, smoke?

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Troy, MI lines up for barbecue. [Photo: Kevin Elliott/Patch]