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Unlock Eater On Foursquare

2011_08_e38badge.jpgEater Dallas is but a small and timid little creature now, but soon we shall grow to full size. Specifically: size 38, as in, Eater 38, as in the 38 restaurants in town you can't miss. When that happens, this social media development will mean a lot more to you: we're teaming up with Foursquare to bring y'all an Eater 38 badge (which you get when you've been to all the places! See how that works!). So here we are on Foursquare; you'll want to add us as a friend. This is all to do largely with Foursquare's new lists feature, which means if you're on the go, you'll be able to load, say, the Seattle Eater 38, or the Chicago Eater 38, and ta-da, you've got 38 places to bring the party to when you're on the road. You're welcome. [EaterWire]