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The Eater Dallas Guide To Dallas Restaurant Week Guides

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Wolfgang Puck's Five Sixty is a sky-high Restaurant Week destination.
Wolfgang Puck's Five Sixty is a sky-high Restaurant Week destination.
Photo: Five Sixty/Official

It's KRLD Restaurant Week, that sublime time from August 15-21 when you can get meals benefiting the North Texas Food Bank and the Lena Pope Home at your favorite fancy restaurants for $35. Oh, the memories: cramming at four-star tables next to a bunch of people who look like the last big night out they had was at Cracker Barrel. Confusion about red wine versus white wine and servers too stressed out to advise. Kitchens churning out the same three or four dishes en masse. Oh, and the good stuff too: getting a special treat at a place you normally can't afford. Introducing yourself to a new cuisine. Feeling like a million bucks in a crap economy.

So, put this in your doggy bag: Restaurant Week can be a real crap shoot. That's why Dallas-Fort Worth's top food blogs are trying to give you a leg up, and we're here to give you a leg up to the legs-up with our Eater Dallas Guide To Dallas Restaurant Week Guides.

CRAVE DFW -- It's the perfect food blogging storm: nothing gets Steven Doyle's blood pumping like the opportunity to schmooze with chefs, and nothing provides a wider selection of publicity-seeking kitchen mistresses and masters than Restaurant Week. If it's personal recommendations from restaurant staff you're hungry for, check Crave DFW for pertinent updates. [Crave DFW]

SIDEDISH -- Part of the magic of Restaurant Week is the opportunity to open up a whole world of cloth-napkin dining to paper-napkin folks, pitting snobs and plebes against each other for reservations. With their user-generated reviews, SideDish will no doubt have the best of both worlds, with food critic and snark expert Nancy Nichols at the helm. [SideDish]

PEGASUS NEWS -- Holy amazing effort at putting together this massive list of participants, plus menus, Batman! Pegasus News is on it for those of you who want to spend your work day drooling over what you'll be eating for dinner later on. [PegasusNews]

EATS BEAT -- The affable Bud Kennedy rounds up the best Restaurant Week picks that are truly adhering to the "Week" part of the name. Since many restaurants extend their specials before and after August 15-21, Kennedy clues readers in to what they can only get for a limited time only, with reservation availability details, too. [EatsBeat]

CITY OF ATE -- Expressing the requisite hipster dreamboat ambivalence about something as popular as Restaurant Week, Dallas Observer critic Scott Reitz acknowledges Restaurant Week exists, recommends a couple of places, and leaves the comments open. Yaknow. Whatevs. [City of Ate]

DALLAS MORNING NEWS -- With so many spots participating, it's hard to cover every angle, which is why Dallas' esteemed daily wants you to write in with your best restaurant week meals. If you want to hear regular folks talk earnestly about how Abacus is delicious, this is your Restaurant Week virtual home. They've also got a nice, comprehensive listing. [EatsBlog]

FOODBITCH -- For a personal, and personally bitchy, take on Restaurant Week, the inimitable FoodBitch has reposted her recommendation list from last year, with updates on which places are the best deals, the sexiest, the stuffiest, and more. [FoodBitch]