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Campo Conceptualizes in Oak Cliff

hacienda.jpgCrave DFW talks to the design group behind Oak Cliff's soon-to-be Campo Modern Country Bistro, digging into what happens behind-the-scenes in restaurant design. The Coeval Studio designed Hacienda San Miguel in Fort Worth and are now turning their attentions to a house next door to Jonathon's in the former La Carreta Argentine location on North Beckley. John Paul Valverde tells Crave's Steven Doyle: "It is in an old home very near where my parents live. Because of this we want to respect the neighborhood and keep true to the design and feel that exists." The restaurant's consulting chef is Matt McCallister, who will help with their Buenos Aires-inspired menu with a European flare. [CraveDFW]

CampO Modern Country Bistro

1115 N Beckley Avenue, Dallas, TX 75203 214 946 1308