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Tweet Gets Patron Booted in Houston; Austin Stays Thirsty

Thirsty Threadgill's.
Thirsty Threadgill's.
Photo: Flickr user NathanPeck

AUSTIN—No water for you, Austin (unless you specifically ask for it). Meanwhile, newest Austin food critic, Matthew Odam devises a new starless rating system for reviewing restaurants and Royers puts their Austin pie truck on hold. [EATX]

HOUSTON—Eater learns that a tweet can get you kicked out of a restaurant, sees rationality return to the situation and then finds that it doesn't stay around very long. On the other hand, Eater Houston readers are creating their own "38" lists in anticipation of Houston's inaugural Eater 38.

STATEWIDE—Drought, drought, more drought. When will it end and when exactly will prices rise because of it? While we wait for rain, presidential hopeful and Texas governor, Rick Perry, is busy blocking our own Eater Dallas editor, Andrea Grimes on Twitter. It all has to do with a pork chop on a stick. [WSJ, YNN, NYT, Hay Ladies!]