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Dessert Company Goes Balls Out Today

Even if some people called her nuts, Robin Ankeny knew five years ago that she could make the best cake balls in the world. After all, her mother's recipe was a family jewel. So she sacked up and opened the Cake Ball Company in Lake Highlands on Northwest Highway and has been balling ever since. Today, she t'aint too proud to give back to the Dallas community. Nad-turally, on the fifth anniversary of the store's opening, discounts and giveaways are in order.

All day long, the goods will cost just $1, and visitors can choose from a variety of balls both chocolate and salty: Salted Peanut Butter and S'mores flavors will be among the 15 on offer. Every fifth guest to visit the store will receive a prize, from free balls to the store's cheeky "One Ball Is Not Enough" t-shirt. Boss won't let you away to visit the store? Aw, scrote 'im: online orders will be 25 percent off today.

· The Cake Ball Company [Official Site]

[Photo: The Cake Ball Company/Facebook]

The Cake Ball Company

10230 East Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas 75238