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The Eater Dallas Guide To Dallas Food Truck Guides

Where's SsahmBBQ when you need them? What if you're hankering for a taco, but YesTaco's down for the count thanks to the heat? It's hard work keeping up with the many and various meals on wheels now available in Dallas. But now that every food blog and website in town has launched their own guide to food trucks, things have gotten even more complicated. That's why we've created this easy-peasy Eater Dallas Guide to Dallas food truck guides. Which one's for you?

@BIGDFOODTRUCKS -- Possibly the first, definitely the most active, guide to Dallas trucks, the BigDFoodTrucks Twitter account rolls all day long with re-tweets and updates from the horses' (motors'?) mouths themselves. Whether something's up or something's coming up, BigDFoodTrucks has it first.

SIDE DISH -- Operating under the bizarre assumption that D Magazine readers eat food that hasn't been personally spoon-fed to them by Kent Rathbun hisownself, Side Dish's list is comprehensive--including which trucks are open, closed and soon-to-be either--and contains contact information for each truck. What it doesn't provide is a schedule, so we're guessing that's why there's ...

SIDE DISH MONDAY SCHEDULES -- Released every Monday (herpderp), the SideDish food truck schedule is in spreadsheet form but they admit the obvious downside: "Our info is only as good as what they give us." If things change, you may not know by looking to SideDish.

CRAVE DFW COMMENTS -- Steven Doyle is like guys, go read SideDish and come back and tell us which trucks you like best, and we'll call it a contest.

DALLAS FOODIE TWITTER LIST -- Another old-school (if several weeks old is old-school) Twitter-based list, the @Dallas_Foodie list pretty much does exactly what @BigDFoodTrucks does, minus live-tweeting updates, schedules and changes.

GUIDELIVE TWITTER LIST -- The Dallas Morning News' GuideLive list, started this week, is more or less a mirror image of @Dallas_Foodie's.

Did we miss any guides? Let us know!

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Nammi Truck in action [Photo: Nammi Truck Official]

ssahmBBQ Red Truck

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