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Inside The Free Man, Deep Ellum's New Cajun Bar And Venue

Executive Chef Ricky Sutton and Owner John Jay Myers.
Executive Chef Ricky Sutton and Owner John Jay Myers.

When The Free Man, Deep Ellum's newest Cajun restaurant, bar and live music venue opens this Friday, Executive Chef Ricky Sutton tells Eater, "We're not trying to be Louisiana." Total authenticity is not the goal. Sutton's just planning to make good food--Eater saw fried shrimp and gumbo on the menu when we popped by last night--that will keep people coming back again and again so that, in the words of owner, politician and man-about-town John Jay Myers, "It's not just another bar."

Myers doesn't just want people to ease their hunger and line their stomachs for a boozy evening ahead--he wants them to come for the food and stay for the rest. Of course, they will still have plenty of "the rest." If the liquor license comes through in time for the Friday opening (and Myers says he's sure it will) with lounger Ricki Derek and rockers The Backsliders, they'll also be serving up signature cocktails, says Sutton. There'll be a coconut margarita and "The Free Man," a Hurricane-esque passion fruit drink. The better to sip while you're lining up something good at the jukebox in the back.

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The Free Man

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