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Elm Street Bar Resurrected; Fat Ho Burger Worth A Trip?

DEEP ELLUM -- A former Elm Street Bar owner (back when it was Club X) has bought the joint back to bring the joint back once again. Cap Priggre, who used to own the Sugar Shack on Lowest Greenville, says his old haunt will re-open on August 29. [Pegasus News]

UPTOWN -- The Company Cafe will open a new location across from the Katy Trail Ice House. Gluten-free and organic-friendly is a guarantee, but the opening is a little more fluid: sometime between Texas-OU weekend and the beginning of next year. [CraveDFW]

WACO -- Enterprising City of Ate contributor Lauren Drewes Daniels made the trek to Waco to find out whether the Fat Ho Burger is worth the fuss. The verdict: it's "well worth the diversion." [City of Ate]

Look Ma, we're on the news. [Photo: Fat Ho Burgers/Facebook]

Company Cafe

2217 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 214-827-2233

Fat Ho Burgers

709 s 7th st, Waco, TX 70710