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Attention, Females: Garland Bra-Staurant Needs You

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Two of America's Finest--a cop from New York City and a retired Dallas Police Department detective--have put their heads together to bring a breastaurant called the Blitz Sports Bra & Grill to Garland, reports PegasusNews. That's not a typo, neither: the "bra" is there so parents know they're bringing their children not into any old restaurant featuring a menu stocked with sports term-related food items ("Olympic onion rings") but a breastaurant. Co-owner Frank Negron, whose new eatery is a breastaurant, tells Teresa Gubbins the waitresses will be "dressed like little referees." To clarify, says Negron, the Blitz Sports Bra & Grill is "like Hooters or Twin Peaks," which are well-known breastaurants.

The Blitz Sports Bra & Grill, a breastaurant, is presently hiring "Fun, Flirty, Sexy, and Outgoing Female Servers, Hostesses, and Female Bartenders." Further:

We need females who have a Cheerleader's Energy, a Model's Finesse, a Gymnast's Fitness, a Girl Scout's Honesty, a Sportsgirl's Enthusiasm, and an Actress's Smile. Because: Outstanding Girls Get Outstanding Tips!
According to the for-hire ad for the Blitz Sports Bra & Grill, which to be clear is not a normal restaurant but a dining establishment wherein females wear skimpy clothing in which to serve food, this is the kind of place where "it's fun to work because our work is fun!" Females who do not want to work at a breastaurant should not apply to work at the Blitz Sports Bra & Grill, which is a breastaurant. How can you tell? Because it's a "bra" and grill, not a "bar and grill," and the word "bra" is a reference to the undergarment worn by females.

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Hooters is a well-known breastaurant. [Photo: Yelp User Gary K.]

Blitz Sports Bra & Grill

3315 N. President George Bush Turnpike, Garland, TX