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Chefs' Kids: They're Just Like Us!

grapetablesmall.jpgWhat do professional chefs pack in their kids' lunches? Hipster dreamboat Scott Reitz asks local chef-breeders whether their kids eat more foie gras than PBJ, and the answer is: not so much. Jon Stevens at Nosh Euro Bistro sometimes sends pasta with his kid, but usually it's ham sandwiches with homemade mayo. And even The Grape's Brian Luscher's kid doesn't dig fresh fruit. Kids these days. [City of Ate]

Nosh Euro Bistro

4216 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219 (214) 528-9400 Visit Website

The Grape Restaurant

2808 Greenville Avenue, , TX 75206 (214) 828-1981 Visit Website