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What'll You Drink At The Dram On Henderson?

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An observant tipster sends in this photo of a TABC application for "The Dram" at 2918 Henderson Ave., near the Gypsy Wagon, HALO Salon and The Porch. While we look into the folks behind this new watering hole, let's fill in the blanks with wild and rampant speculation based on nothing but a name, shall we? (Even if it's not quite as titillating as, say, the Spread Eagle Saloon's TABC sign.) We're thinking: specialty cocktails and an old-fashioned, vaguely apothecary-related theme, maybe something in the way of a speakeasy. Couple of craft beers. Small plates. And, sigh, valet parking.

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A clew! [Photo: @johnnyseale]

The Dram

2918 N Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX