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Lobster Thievery; El Greco Nightmares; Franklin BBQ Tour

It's a brave man what stuffs one of these down his britches.
It's a brave man what stuffs one of these down his britches.
Photo: Flickr user lsgcp

HOUSTON — A Houston busboy risked his dudely bits sneaking a live lobster out of Brenner's in his pants, while Samba Grille owners Nathan Ketcham and Estella Erdmann talk new restaurant owner naiveté in their One Year In interview. [-EHTX-]

AUSTINEl Greco's going to be on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, and they're taking reservations during filming in case you want to be, too, while Peached Tortilla food truck owner Eric Silverstein talks plans for a brick-and-mortar. Bonus: cow taco statue photo. [-EATX-]

EL PASO — The El Paso Times talks to the Lampinstein/Atkins family, which has three separate restaurateurs, and chefs cooked up "spiders, scorpions and crickets" at the El Paso Zoo's Bug Fest. [El Paso Times, KTSM]

ZOMG BBQ — Full Custom Gospel BBQ heads to "The World's Largest Free Barbecue" in Dalhart, and Man Up Texas BBQ brought Aaron Franklin of Austin's Franklin Barbecue on a tour of the great pits of Texas (and caught it on film). [Full Custom Gospel BBQ, Man Up Texas BBQ]

TEXAS-WIDE — The drought continues to ruin things. This time: Texas vineyards. Also, many, many kids in the Panhandle are on food stamps. [Daily Toreador, Amarillo Globe News]