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Coffee House Cafe Loses Day To Fire

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While Hurricane Irene swept across the northeastern United States yesterday, a small kitchen fire broke out in the Coffee House Cafe up on Frankford Road in Far North Dallas, and the owners live-tweeted the entire ordeal. They closed out Saturday thanking customers for stopping by, and opened Sunday with: "Fire at coffee house cafe!!" and a shot of a very smoky restaurant.

What next? "Fire dept. Heading in with chainsaws and sledgehammers. :(" and then video, of course, of some vaguely Backdraft-esque Dallas firefightage. Then some good news: "We are going to be open tomorrow, bright and early @ 6.The fire damage has been cleaned up&we are excited to see u back!"

· @CoffeeHouseCafe [Twitter]

When cooler heads prevailed. [Photo: CoffeeHouseCafe/Twitter]

Coffee House Cafe

6150 Frankford Road, Dallas, TX