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The Eater Dallas Guide To Dallas Food Blogs Desperately Vying For Your Attention In A CBS Contest

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mvbbadge.jpgReaders, the game is afoot! Watch as 17 local food blogs and bloggers duke it out to be named the "Most Valuable Blogger" in CBS DFW's dining and entertainment category. The winning blog will be determined by receiving the most votes. It's a popularity contest, and y'all know what that means: lots and lots of shameless plugs and begging. Eater Dallas is proud to stand above it all because we are classy. And also because we weren't nominated so big fucking deal this contest is stupid anyway we don't even like contests that much because they're for poseurs so like whatever.

But if you're still unsure who your most valuable blogger is (voting ends September 9th!), please allow Eater Dallas to guide you through this difficult decision-making process. Witness the many and varied ways in which your local virtual fooderati are clamoring for your clicks.

ASK FOODBITCH -- While her name is strong, Foodbitch's Twitter reminders are downright meek when it comes to pleasantly asking for your vote.

CRAVE DFW -- CraveDFW goes for the understated approach with a well-placed voting banner, and so far no editorial mentions.

FEASTCRAFT -- FeastCraft is playing some kind of weird reverse-psychological game: "If you can’t vote for me, morally or otherwise, please consider voting for foodbitch."

SUSIE DRINKS DALLAS -- To be honest, we expected something a little more wheels-off than this gentle Twitter nudge from a booze blogger.

KATE'S CURE FOR THE COMMON CUISINE -- She hems, she haws in a post dedicated to the contest: "I am not sure that my little food blog completely fits this category but I am very humbled and honored to be considered, especially with such great company."

WHAT'S EVA EATING -- The Facebooker relies on the age-old charm of smileys and exclamation points.

SIDEDISH -- Wherein Nancy Nichols is all, remember how we report actual food news? You guys like that, don't you?

TWO HOT POTATOES -- A little passive-aggressive presumption never hurt anyone, right? Two Hot Potatoes would like to "thank you in advance for setting a daily reminder to vote for your favorite Hot Potatoes."

DALLAS WINE CHICK -- Dallas Wine Chick doesn't need to beg for your votes--she'll just post that tasteful banner.

ENTREE DALLAS -- "At Entree Dallas, we don't really need awards to help us know we're on the right track. But we still really, really like to get them." Cock-eeee!

And then, of course, there are those nominees not asking for your votes at all: hasn't updated in three weeks anyway, which was before the contest began, same deal with OhMyGollyGolly, where the most recent post also pre-dates the contest. And also no recent updates at Quest for Burgers. The DMN's EatsBlog bears no mention of the contest, nor does EscapeHatchDallas or Full Custom Gospel BBQ. Radio silence as well on You + Dallas.

UPDATE: Full Custom Gospel BBQ will say we made them do it, but we didn't--they posted this bit of groveling all on their own after we posted our guide.

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