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Scott Reitz Repeatedly Surprised By Dallas Not Sucking

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New Dallas Observer food critic Scott Reitz has really made an effort in the past week to get to know the kind of gastronomic and alcoholic variety Dallas has to offer. Eater Dallas isn't surprised that resident hipster dreamboat Reitz ended up really digging an Oak Lawn cup 'o corn and Cane Rosso's pizza. But Reitz was. In fact, the hipster dreamboat seems to repeatedly surprise himself when Dallas turns out to not suck, following the well-worn path of many a skeptical North Texas newcomer.

Of the elotes, Reitz writes that he "became very afraid" when he heard the ingredients: corn, mayo, sour cream, cheese, hot sauce. Then, he actually ate a cup of corn and found he liked it, in fact, it "turned out to be a pretty decent hangover cure." And when he first moved into his Oak Lawn apartment, Reitz ordered Zini's delivery and says, "I was very concerned about the state of pizza in Dallas." One trip to Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum, however, and Reitz writes that Jay Jerrier's pizza was actually "good," and that un-topped pizza rounds were a "perfect celebration of delicious crust."

Of course, some things about Dallas still suck, and Reitz isn't afraid to get all "I can't believe you don't own this fucking record," on us. There was the time Reitz mixed up his own sangrita at the Double Wide. And the time he told us how to make guacamole properly. And he wouldn't complain if elotes came with "large-kernel heirloom corn." Wait, you haven't heard of large-kernel heirloom corn? That is perverse.

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The Cane Rosso pizza oven. [Photo: Cane Rosso on Facebook]

Cane Rosso

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